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SAMRA promotes knowledge sharing through access to information for the insights industry.

This includes facilitating keynote presentations from leading industry experts and topical research papers which are delivered at SAMRA networking events and the annual SAMRA conference.



SAMRA members are required to adhere to the SAMRA Memorandum of Incorporation and Company Rules, which govern the organisation’s operations.

SAMRA members receive professional recognition and credibility, networking and professional development opportunities; representation at both a national and international level with governments and other regulatory and professional bodies; as well as protection against undue external regulatory interference and poor ethical conduct.


Professional Recognition

For SAMRA members, professional recognition is a tangible way of showing dedication to high quality standards and continuous professional development.

Professional recognition acknowledges progressive competence, knowledge and proficiency levels, giving members a competitive edge, enhanced career opportunities and professional recognition of qualifications, expertise and contribution among peers in the industry.

Quality Research. Quality Decisions.

Do you need expertly sourced, ethically sound, excellent quality data, research, advice or insights?

All SAMRA members adhere to the SAMRA Code of Conduct, which includes the ICC ESOMAR global code of conduct and guidelines. They are committed to the provision and use of quality research and insights to make more informed, strategic business decisions.

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