Call for Speakers for the SAMRA Annual Conference – Closes 25 March 2024

The SAMRA Annual Conference stands as a cornerstone in the Southern African insights industry’s annual calendar, playing a pivotal role in fostering connections and knowledge exchange. As we gather for this year’s event, it holds special significance, being the inaugural conference since the pandemic and also celebrate the 60th anniversary of the organisation. 

This year’s conference theme revolves around introspection, urging us to revisit our foundational roots and acknowledge that the decisions we make today has the power to shape tomorrow. It serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy and the forward-looking spirit that has defined SAMRA for six decades.

This opportunity is a platform where you can step up and share your learnings while gaining the recognition for your knowledge.   We would like to invite you to submit your proposals to speak at the 2024 SAMRA conference before 25 March 2024

Click on the button below to download the SAMRA Annual Conference 2024 Speaker Proposal Guidelines:

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Please submit your Speaker Proposals here:

Research Paper Summary: SAMRA Annual Conference

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

By submitting this form, I/we, the proposed author(s) and presenter(s) certify that: I/We will not sell an organisation, and/or an organisation’s products or services, and/or any proprietary methodologies or concepts, References to any organisation will be limited to content that would not make sense without referencing the organisation, I/We will adhere to the requirements contained in the SAMRA and ESOMAR Codes of Conduct, I/We will adhere to deadlines, I/We will submit proof of permission for the use of any data, results, and materials before the SAMRA Annual Conference 2024, My/Our idea, paper, presentation or materials have not been submitted to and will not be delivered at any other public event before the SAMRA Annual Conference 2024, I/We will be able to attend the SAMRA Annual Conference that this submission is for, I/We certify that the above information is correct and complete.
I hereby accept that this project adheres to the SAMRA Code of Conduct:

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