Member – 2 Days + Accommodation R 9 720,00
Member – 2 Days - NO Accommodation R 7 900,00
Member – 1 Day R 5 995,00
Speaker – 2 Days + Accommodation R5 720,00
Speaker – 2 Days - NO Accommodation R 4 160,00
Speaker – 1 Day R 3 150,00
Non-Member – 2 Days + Accommodation R 12 730,00
Non-Member – 2 Days - NO Accommodation R 10 730,00
Non-Member – 1 Day R 8 130,00
SAMRA Accredited Researcher (SAR) Rate - 2 Days + Accommodation R 7 720,00
SAMRA Accredited Researcher (SAR) Rate - 2 Days - NO Accomodation R 6 800,00
SAMRA Accredited Researcher (SAR) Rate - 1 Day R 5 150,00

Registration Terms & Conditions:

Early Bird rates apply to bookings made by 12 April 2024, and must be paid in full by 30 April 2024.

All registrations submitted on this form are firm unless cancelled before 10 May 2024. The person who registers for this firm booking must be authorised to transact with SAMRA. Registrations are allocated on a are on a first-come-first-served basis. Substitutions should be communicated with the SAMRA office. All registrations close on 10 May 2024.

SAMRA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to require a full payment deposit, within 10 days of submitting this registration form (e.g. where the party making the booking has an overdue account with SAMRA). SAMRA is a registered VAT payer (VAT Nr: 4830124451) and VAT at 15% will apply to all invoices and payments.

Any room service, drinks, incidental expenses etc. will be for delegates’ accounts and must be paid by delegates before departure.  Photographs taken at SAMRA events may be used by SAMRA without permission from the person/s in the photograph.

SAMRA reserves the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating directly or indirectly to this event, for any circumstances beyond SAMRA’s reasonable control. SAMRA will not accept liability for any losses and/or damages delegates may suffer on account of any alteration or cancellation.


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